u-LAW gives clients a revolutionary and innovative new platform to access legal services in a more efficient and effective way than the traditional law firm structure.

We aim to provide clients with a transparent communication process allowing access to correspondence and legal documentation at the click of a finger whilst facilitating face to face contact with your lawyer from the comfort of your home.

We recognise that the last thing an injured person needs is the pain and stress associated with lengthy trips to your lawyer’s office and, as such, we’ve built a new business model which effectively brings the legal services directly to you.

We use online communication tools such as Skype and Facetime video conferencing which allow conferencing between you and your lawyer online, removing the need for unnecessary trips to visit your lawyer. We can also facilitate face to face visits at your home if preferred.

Our website adopts a client log in area where clients will have access to all correspondence sent by us, as well as other important legal documents on the file and an online calendar which will log important dates in your case for you, allowing you to stay informed as to the progress of your case at all times. By utilising these changes to the traditional law firm structure we will provide a more efficient and transparent service to clients at a much lower cost, by bringing legal services directly to you.