Why a Small, Independent Firm is Better than a Larger, Corporate Firm for Small Claims

A recent survey entitled Global Trends in Hiring Outside Counsel revealed that bigger isn’t always better when it comes to sourcing a law firm to handle your small claim. In fact, as much as 62% of respondents said that they believed small law firms were the superior choice for customer service, and 43% thought they were more innovative than larger firms. The level of dissatisfaction was also reported as being 3x higher when working with a large firm, compared to their smaller rivals.

For u-Law, these statistics come as no surprise. As a local lawyer that has been dealing with (and winning) small claims for more than a decade, we already know we’re the best choice for clients across Victoria – a statement that’s backed up by our results and recommendations.

What is a small claim? A small claim is defined as a claim of $10,000 or less that carries a time limit of 6 years.

Why are local lawyers the preferred choice for handling small claims in the modern age? The answer boils down to a few simple factors.

Size doesn’t correlate with skills

In the past, a large corporate office in the city was a sure sign you could rely on a particular law firm, and clients would often shy away from “small” or “local” organisations on the assumption they weren’t as skilled.

However, just because a particular firm has the largest team in the country or offers a full-service approach, doesn’t mean they’re the best option. Such a broad service offering just suggests a lack of specialised skills, which are necessary for TAC or personal injury claims. Boutique law firms are more focused in their services and can generally offer a higher quality to every client they on-board.

This doesn’t mean we’re suggesting large law firms are bad; simply that smaller firms are usually just as good, so don’t let size fool you! Smaller teams can be more flexible and quicker to react to changes, and can offer a more personal service.

Small firm lawyers have big firm experience

Just because a local lawyer practises within a small firm does not mean they haven’t developed sufficient skills to mix with the larger figures. In fact, most small firm lawyers boast previous experience within corporate firms, but choose to practise with a small firm because of personal preference.

When you partner with a large firm, you’ll probably be dealing with an associate, unless you’re prepared to fork out for high fees. Corporate firms tend to handball cases to junior lawyers who struggle to properly handle the case, dissolving any assurance that you’ll get the outcome you’re hoping for.

So, if you want dedicated attention from a highly-skilled professional, opt for a lawyer that combines a local mentality with corporate skills.

You can develop an ongoing relationship

You never know when legal issues will arise again, or when cases will become more complex than initially thought. When this happens, it’s likely you’ll want to return to the lawyer you’re already familiar and comfortable with. Working with a small firm means you’ll deal with the same point-of-contact each time there are ongoing legal matters so the entire experience is usually more personal and streamlined.

The most important thing is choosing a lawyer you’re comfortable with. Do your due-diligence and don’t be afraid to ask questions before you sign anything, and take up any prospective firms for a free consultation!

Technology has advanced small firm services

Gone are the days where local firms were stuck in the past and didn’t have access to the same technology the corporations did. That’s all changed. Small firm lawyers are now adopting technological solutions to give themselves the edge over corporate competitors.

u-Law has built a new business model that relieves clients of the need to travel to intimidating law offices and instead, brings the law to your door. This enables you to have face-to-face contact with your dedicated law practitioner from the comfort of your own home, using mediums such as Skype and FaceTime. This simple technology makes all correspondence simple, providing a humane and transparent service that exists to make sure you’re comfortable.

Other benefits we’re seeing thanks to technological developments in the industry include:

  • Paperless reports and correspondence
  • Faster communication, whenever you need it
  • Enhanced organisation and time management skills
  • Simple and transparent billing and payment systems

Partner with a boutique law firm

Have a boutique law firm handle your small claims case for the specialist skills, personal service and client-focused approach you need.

To find out more about working with u-Law for all TAC, personal injury or work-based claims, get in touch with Jon King by calling 0416 415 117 or sending your enquiry to jon.king@u-law.com.au. We can arrange a free-of-charge chat to get you on your way to reaching a resolution.

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