What Can TAC Pay for After a Traffic Accident?

Being injured in a road traffic accident, regardless of who was at fault, is an extremely distressing experience. The pain and suffering involved is just one aspect of it, before you even begin to think about the costs involved and the inconvenience of being unable to work.

Understanding exactly how TAC and transport accident lawyers are on-hand to assist you should ease some of your concerns.

When you make a TAC claim, you could be entitled to a range of benefits that last for the duration of your sustained injury. This can include weekly payments as well as lump sum benefits, covering loss of income and medical expenses.

What can you earn when you’re unable to return to work?

The TAC usually pays 80% of your gross income, with a maximum weekly cap of $1350.

If the accident prevents you from returning to work, you might be wondering how you’ll be able to support yourself and your family. TAC initially pays loss of earnings benefit and then, if necessary, loss of earnings capacity benefit.

Both types are defined as follows:


  • Loss of earnings benefit: This is paid for the first 18 months after your accident, for as long as medical injuries relating to the accident are preventing you from working. If you’re at retirement age or can claim aged pension, you may not receive loss of earnings benefit. The TAC will review your condition and your progress at regular intervals and you may be asked to attend medical check-ups for ongoing evaluations.


  • Loss of earnings capacity benefit: If your injuries are ongoing once the first 18 months are over, you may be entitled to loss of earning capacity benefits (LOEC) for an additional 18 months. You’ll be asked to complete a medical examination and if this shows you have an impairment of more than 50%, you can receive loss of earnings capacity benefit until you reach the retirement age for your industry. Your progress will be reviewed at regular intervals to assess your ability to return to work.



What medical expenses are covered by TAC?

Any medical expenses related to injuries or illnesses caused by your accident can be reimbursed by TAC. Let your healthcare professional know you are a TAC client and provide your TAC claim number.

Approved treatments and services include:

  • Physical therapies needed to help you move better, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, acupuncture and more
  • Ambulance services, for transport from the accident or between hospitals
  • Hospital treatment, whether at a public, private or rehabilitation hospital
  • Doctors appointments such as visits to your GP or specialist doctor
  • X-rays and scans needed to diagnose an injury, including CT scans, MRIs and ultrasound
  • Surgery carried out within 3 months of the accident
  • Medication prescribed to alleviate pain and ease symptoms related to the accident
  • Equipment and medical aids, such as crutches and wound dressings
  • Community nursing, including home visits after you’ve been discharged from hospital
  • Dental services if your teeth were damaged in the accident
  • Home support if you’re unable to carry out general duties such as cleaning, cooking and gardening
  • Rehabilitation services to get you back on your feet and functioning better, which can be carried out in hospital or at-home
  • Mental health services to assist with any psychology services you may need following a traumatic accident
  • Travel and accommodation, including getting to medical appointments and any necessary overnight stays in hotels
  • Support for family members including child care and assistance for parents that need time off work to care for children

How should you make a claim?

It’s always smart to lodge a TAC claim as soon as possible following the accident, so you can find out what you’re eligible for and start receiving payments. If your injury is long-lasting and has serious consequences on your health and life quality, you could be entitled to generous compensation from the Victorian government. This is especially true if the accident wasn’t your fault.

In order to assess your case, the TAC will take into account how much the accident has impacted your life, levels of pain and suffering, the severity of medical expenses and the amount of money you’ll lose because of your inability to work.

Need to lodge a TAC claim?

The team at u-Law is experienced in handling all kinds of road traffic accidents and can support you throughout the entire claims lodgement process, to ensure you get the maximum payment you’re entitled to.

Get in touch for a free consultation and see how easy we can make the process. Call us on 0416 415 117 or contact us via our website to find out how we bring the law to your door.


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