Road accidents in the Greater Dandenong City and surrounding area are high compared to other regional.

The road accident data shown below illustrates the need for legal services that specialise in personal injury claims and legal car accident support services.

u-Law handles personal injury and road accidents compensation claims in the Dandenong area.

Dandenong’s car accident injury lawyers

The principal lawyer and proprietor of u-Law, Jonathan King, has local Dandenong experience. He worked for a plaintiff law firm in Dandenong for 4 years and has intimate knowledge of the area and a love for the local community.

During his time working in Dandenong, Jonathan did volunteer work for the Southern Migrant and Refugee Centre where he provided Victorian Traffic Accident Commission (TAC) related services for new drivers.

His u-Law law firm is now a progressive law company with innovative practices that are revolutionary compared to traditional law practices. u-Law works with a motto that encapsulates our passion in seeking justice for injured car accident victims. This motto we call “Law To Your Door”.

At u-Law we recognise that injured people should rest and recuperate in their homes following an accident. To enable this to happen, we employ a mobile staff of legal representatives who will come to your home for an obligation-free consultation.

We use a customer service platform with modern communications technology. We offer consultation on free voice and video conference programs. In addition, we make all legal documents, diaries, action items and progressive reports in the car accident injury claims process available and accessible online. You can keep up-to-date from the comfort of your home.

Our “No-Fee” service is one of our most revolutionary innovations. Unlike traditional law firms, we recover our cost solely from your Insurance Company or the TAC. Unlike other law firms who will also charge additional fees which can be as high as $30,000. With u-Law, this money stays in your pocket as all fees are recovered directly from the insurance company.

Road accidents and fatalities for Greater Dandenong

Statistics for Victoria

The Victorian Transport Accident Commission reports the following traffic accident rates in its March 2017 “Towards Zero” quarterly report. The figures represent the 12 month period up to 31 March 2017.

  • 272 lives lost in 261 fatal crashes in Victoria.
  • 116 fatalities in Melbourne.
  • 156 fatalities in rural Victoria.
  • 7 fatalities in the Greater Dandenong area.
  • 12 fatalities in the Greater Geelong area.
  • 1 fatality in the Frankston area of Victoria.

Of the 272 fatalities in Victoria, there were 151 drivers, 40 motorcyclists, 36 passengers, 40 pedestrians, and 6 cyclists.

A similar report titled Vicroads Crash Statistics reports 232 road fatalities in Victoria in 2016, and a reduction to 195 Y.T.D. October 2017.

Serious injury rates in Victoria

The following number of road accident injuries required hospitalisation for a period longer than 14 days during the 12 month period up to 30 September, 2016. The figures shown reflect the number of road accidents injury claims during this period.

  • 1,002 in Victoria.
  • 644 in Melbourne.
  • 303 in rural Victoria.
  • 27 in the Greater Dandenong area.
  • 17 in the Greater Geelong area.
  • 15 in the Frankston area.

The number of injured people admitted to hospital regardless of time spent in hospital were 7 times higher.

Statistics compiled by the Federal Dept of Infrastructure and Regional Development place these figures in a wider context.

  • Australian road fatalities ranked the 14th lowest out of 32 nations.
  • During the years 2006 – 2015, Australian road fatalities declined by 35.3%.

Road accidents in Dandenong

During the period 2010 – 2014, there were 2,458 car accidents in the Greater Dandenong area. In these accidents, 23 people died and 1,009 were seriously injured. The annual fatality rate in the four year period varied between 3 and 6.

Demographic data for Greater Dandenong

The Greater Dandenong City Council has compiled the following demographic and road transport data.

  • Greater Dandenong had a population of approx 144,000 people in 2012.
  • The area is culturally diverse with 60% of the population born overseas.
  • Census data showed that 85% of people prefer to travel by car, 11% by train, and 5% by bus.
  • Road traffic fatalities and serious road accident rates rank as one of the highest in Victoria.
  • Manufacturing industry accounts for 30% of all jobs followed by wholesale trade, health card and retail.

Road Safety Campaigns

Victoria State Government has implemented its Road Safety Strategy with an objective of reduce road fatalities and serious car accident injuries by more than 30%.

Greater Dandenong City Council has its own Road Safety Strategy which seeks to improve interaction between road users, road infrastructure and vehicles. The Council recognises that the large geographic area provides limited access to public transport in the newer subdivisions.

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