Lodging a TAC Claim

In the event you have been involved in a transport accident on the roads in Victoria there are several things you need to do:

  • Call Ambulance and or/Police
  • Seek Medical attention at hospital or your local doctor
  • Report to the TAC and lodge a claim

The TAC has a phone service that will go through the claim lodgement process with you.  Contact them on 1300 654 329 or toll free on 1800 332 556.  The operator will go through the questions that are contained on the TAC claim form with you and allocate a claim number and post a hard copy of claim for out to you which will have been completed as per the answers you gave during the phone call.  If there were answers you were uncertain about at the time of the phone call you can fill these in on the hard copy form before signing and posting back to the TAC for formal lodgement.

When the TAC receives the signed claim for it will decide whether to accept of reject and a written decision will be sent to you.  If rejected they will provide you will written reasons as to why.  Some claims are rejected because the accident was not reported to police or public transport operator.  If it is rejected for these reasons a new claim can be lodged after the claim is reported to these bodies however.

A claim for compensation must be lodged within 12 months of the date of the accident or within 12 months of the injury first manifesting or becoming apparent. There is discretion for the TAC to accept claims for up to 3 years however.  It is vital that these time frames be carefully considered after an accident has occurred so that your rights are not extinguished because of the limitations periods.  If in any doubt or have trouble with the TAC rejecting your claim, please contact us immediately to discuss your options as you still may be entitled to legally challenge the decision.  


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