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If you have been injured in a transport accident, you are entitled to compensation payments from the Transport Accident Commission.

Transport Accident Commission (TAC) claims can arise from traffic accidents involving cars, bicycles, motorcycles, buses, trains, trams, or any other type of motorised vehicle:  even if you are a pedestrian, you are potentially entitled to benefits and compensation from the TAC.

The experienced lawyers at u-Law understand every element of the road accident legal system and can get clients everything they are entitled to, helping them to reclaim control over their lives.

Having to deal with an insurance company after a transport accident can be a daunting and stressful experience, especially when recovering from an injury. It can feel as though you are alone and that you have to battle this with no one on your side. That’s where u-Law can come to your door and take care these problems for you.

u-Law are your mobile TAC injury lawyers, helping you access the help you need to get the compensation payouts you deserve. We are an innovative law firm that merges technology and convenience for clients to access TAC personal injury legal services in an efficient and effective way.

How do we do it?


u-Law provide clients with an industry first No Fee structure that offers a “No Fee” service, meaning that client’s will not pay a single cent for our legal services – regardless if the case is won, lost or withdrawn!

u-Law is unlike other firms who offer their services on a “No Win, No Fee” structure. Should other firms resolve the case with a successful outcome, they will still charge their client’s with solicitor/client fee for legal costs that can total up to tens of thousands of dollars from your compensation amount.

At u-Law, we have developed a legal structure that demands far fewer infrastructure costs, and are capable of limiting costs to an amount that can be recovered from our clients insurance company – this is known as party/party costs – meaning our clients solicitor costs and any potential uplift can both be waived.

All of the money that we recover for our clients, stays in their pockets!

u-Law provides clients with an innovative structure to access TAC claim lawyers

u-Law present an industry first mobile legal service. We bring the “Law To Your Door”.

We understand that the last thing an injured person needs is the pain and stress associated with a long journey to and from a lawyer’s office, which is why we have created a process where the legal services can come directly to you.

One of the city’s most innovative workplace injury and personal injury law firms, we provide our clients with a secure and transparent communication process to expedite lawyer-client relationships which also allows for correspondence and legal documentation to be accessed by clients with the click of a finger.

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